Lawn Care Services -
We can help create a residential or business property that will make you proud:

MOWING AND TRIMMING - With our detailed attention, your lawn areas can look immaculate and well manicured throughout the mowing season
Our Standards for Mowing

  • We mow your grass down to 2.5", when necessary. This usually works out to 20-25 weekly mows/season.
  • We take pride in our sytem of straight rows and alternating direction each visit.
  • We trim where needed.
  • We blow clippings and small deposits of sand/dirt off your sidewalks, patios and driveway or parking lot.
  • When mowing, we allow the clippings to be chopped/mulched and fall free to provide nitrogen to the soil. (Bagging available if preferred)

FERTILIZING - We offer a flexible program with up to 7 steps that can be catered to your lawns needs. With 8 years in the industry, we use top of the line products and guarantee results. Chemicals used are fast acting and proven in the green industry. We start off the program with a pre-emergence fertilizer and follow with up to 6 specialized steps and applications by a trained and licensed specialist.

-Ryan - Our Fertilizing Specialist

The PCI 7 Treatment Fertilizing Program has shown remarkable results.
  1. Step One - Pre Emergent Fertilizer
  2. Step Two - Broadleaf Weed Control
  3. Step Three - Slow Release Fertilizer
  4. Step Four - Grub Preventative
  5. Step Five - Slow Release Fertilizer
  6. Step Six - Broadleaf Weed Control
  7. Step Seven - Winterizer

-- See Our Fertilizing Results !


Aeration will greatly benefit any lawn area. Usually done in the spring or fall, it will reduce the soil compaction, as well as aid root growth. Deep and strong roots are the basis of any heathy lawn. The plugs extracted during the aeration process aid the natural composting of the thatch, helping it to return rich topsoil to the base and encourage root development.

Seeding/sodding a new property can be quite a challenge.
No project is too small or too large for our experts, no matter whether you are repairing an area or developing a new one, With our expert advice on price and feasibility for your location, you can wisely choose whether you want to go with seeding or nursery sod. .

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